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Geass (SG) Scenes

This page contains the Geass scenes, which is the initial obligatory route that must be played through at least once before accessing other routes. This route has the least variation, as the only big difference between playthroughs is which ending you finish with. The three possible character endings are: C.C., Lelouch, and Nunnally.

The Geass Route is identified by the image of a Geass symbol edged onto a stone wall that appears at the beginning of each day.

General explanation of how scenes are organized:

  • The numbers of each scene do not correspond to the order they appear in. The exceptions to this are scenes that are part of a route's main storyline, which almost always appear in the order in which they are listed here.
  • However, scenes with the same character(s) and/or related characters that are listed after each usually DO occur in order; therefore the previous scene must be visited in order to see the following scene. Using common sense should be sufficient to tell which scenes are related or not.
  • Also, route scenes are divided into 4 categories:
  1. Pre-Route Scenes: The scenes that occur before the actual start of the route in the first few days of the game and that need to be chosen into order to enter the route.
  2. Route Progression Scenes: Scenes that are necessary for the route's storyline to progress, and must be chosen whether they be auto or normal scenes.
  3. Side Story Scenes: Optional scenes that make up the majority of a route's scenes and are not critical to the route's storyline. However, choosing or ignoring certain scenes will affect which character ending you will end up with, specifically scenes that involve the characters whose endings are available in the route.
  4. Ending Scenes: The possible endings for the route. Unlike other scenes, they are assigned the number designation of "99_" to differentiate them.

Note: Because the scenes in this route are longer than the Non-Route scenes, fewer edited scenes will be added in each update.

Pre-Route Scenes

(Lost Colors) SG000-Downtown-Unk.docx (Lost Colors) SG000-Downtown-Unk.docx
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Route Progression Scenes

(Lost Colors) SG015-Auto-Battle of Narita.docx (Lost Colors) SG015-Auto-Battle of Narita.docx
Size : 35.892 Kb
Type : docx
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