Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Emulator Patch

Here is a link where you can download the JPCSPCG Emulator for playing the Lost Colors PSP with partial English text, provided thanks to the efforts of AlvaroLemosWork (or Alvaro for short). To be clear, this is meant to be a stop-gap measure until a proper and easier-to-use English patch can be made.

Instructions: First, download the link for the ISO file on Google Docs. Then, go to the other link to Google Drive and download the emulator along with its patch. Then, move the ISO file to the "umdimages" folder with the "jpcspcg" folder. (For the patch, simple follow the "read-me" text instructions within it.) After that, inside the folder "jpcspcg" within, click on the program "CGLaucher" to start it up. Then, choose the Analysis speed settings on the window that opens (this basically affects the speed of the game) and press start. After that, just wait a bit, and then the Jpcsp v0.6 will open. There, open up the File tab and click on "Load UMD". Then you need to click on Lost Colors in the new windows that appears, and finally, click the "Run" play button to start the game. (To see the game controls, press F11 or go to the Options tab.)

Note: When first starting a scene, it may take a moment for the English text to appear over the Japanese. Therefore, please wait until the text fully loads on the screen on the next text box. If there are any other problems, please either contact me at or contact the emulator's creater, AlvaroLemosWork on Youtube.

Currently, only the translations for the introduction and already edited scenes have been added.

ISO file:


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