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This is the old page for accessing the different scene translations based on their location. The way it works is that all the scenes are divided into four categories on this page: Ashford scenes, Tokyo scenes, Mount Fuji scenes, and Automatic scenes. In each category, there are the names of different locations that fall under those categories, both in English and in Japanese so that you can find them on your Scene Selection screen. Each location has a link beneath it that will send you to a new page which will list all the scenes which have been translated in that location. Each of these scenes are further organized by which characters appear in them and when each scene appears in the game. To help make it easier to tell whether it's the scene you're looking for, there will be a copy of the first bit of text in each scene under every heading so that you can identify it with what you've chosen on your game screen.

(Note: Currently, this locations list is incomplete, as I haven't yet managed to play scenes in all the locations. When a new location is discovered, it will be added to this list immediately. Also, Mount Fuji scenes are listed at beneath the Tokyo Scenes.)

Also, to make sure there are no misunderstandings, I will explain how the "time periods" work for each scene heading:

  • When it says just "Morning", it means that that's the only time when it can happen during the day.
  • The two Middays, however, are an exception to this. Because a scene that happens in the first usually happens in the second as well, I'll just put "Either 1st or 2nd Midday" on the scene's heading on this site so that you can understand. (In the actual translation document itself, I'll put "Both/Either Middays". This means the same thing.)
  • When a scene can happen at multiple times during the day, I'll just put an "Or" in between the times to make it clear. For example: "Morning, or Either 1st or 2nd Midday", and "Evening, or Night". So basically, when there's an "Or", it means that it can happen more than one during the day.
  • However, at the same, a scene could take up more than one time period during the day. In that case, I'll put an "and" in between them to make it clear. For example: "Evening and Night", and "Morning and 1st Midday and 2nd Midday".
  • When a scene fits into both of the two previous cases, it will essentially look something like this: "1st Midday and 2nd Midday, or 2nd Midday and Evening".
If you have any trouble with understanding this, contact me and I'll try to clear things up.

Note: Automatic and Knightmare Battle scenes are not listed here. Go to the "Automatic Scenes" and "Knightmare Battles" pages in the navigation bar to view them.

Ashford Locations:

Tokyo Locations:

Head Special Dispatch Trailer (特派ヘッドトレーラー)

Mount Fuji Locations:

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