Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Knightmare Battles

This is the page for accessing the translations for the Knightmare Battle scenes. All translated battles scenes will be listed on this separate page, with links to each battle scene's individual webpage. These pages will also contain the cheats for winning a battle, along with pictures of the "battle choice" moments in the game.

(Note: These pictures are only for the choices displayed on them; if the background and surroundings look different than what's on your game screen, please ignore it. This is merely because a choice can happen more than once at different points in the battle.)

For the time being, only the winning route will be translated here. (It takes a long time to translated every choice, so please understand.) Later on, I intend to devote time towards completing the translations for these scenes, along with a choice chart for those interested in seeing the possible outcomes. When this is done, these pages will be modified to accommodate these new choices. Until then, please bear with this.

Knightmare Battles

Knightmare Battle-01: Occurs during Automatic Scene-09

Knightmare Battle-02: Occurs during Automatic Scene-12

Knightmare Battle-03: Occurs during Automatic Scene-16

Knightmare Battle-04: Occurs during Automatic Scene-26

Knightmare Battle-05: Occurs during Automatic Scene-27

Knightmare Battle-06: Occurs during Automatic Scene-29

Knightmare Battle-07: Occurs during Automatic Scene-31

Simulation Battles

Simulation Battle-01: Occurs during Automatic Scene-28

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