Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Current Route

In this section, I will show what scenes I have chosen as I play the game and where I currently am, as well as all the choices I've made in the scenes that have them. All the choices I have made are in the Word doc titled "Current Route". (Having it all listed on the paging was making it glitch when I tried to update it, so I had to remove it. If this is a problem for anyone, please message me and I'll try and accommodate you.)

Every time I finish a route (which happens when I reach a dead or happy end), I will remove it from this page and transfer it to an archive where I will eventually put all the routes I've taken so far (this archive page will be made after I finish my first route). After that, I will begin a new route and start the whole thing over. All previous routes will be compiled in a Word document, which you can download below, right above the current route.

Currently, I am on the Black Knights (Kuro no Kishidan) Route, and I will be trying to achieve the Zero ending.

This whole page is entirely for the benefit of those who wish to follow the flow of my gameplay and see the how and why the story is developing the way it is. However, none of you are in any way obligated to follow exactly what I'm doing. If you wish to choose another set of scenes, fine, that's your choice. I'm just putting this up because I don't want people to be confused as to why only certain scenes are being translated at this time.

Well, then, without further ado, on with the progress list!

Past Routes:

Current Routes:

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