Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Automatic Scenes

This page lists all the currently translated automatic scenes in the game. (An automatic scene, for those who don't know, is a scene that occurs without the player choosing it after reaching a certain point in the game.) At the top are links to the scenes for a route which has been completed. Below that are the scenes which can occur in more than one route. Finally, at the bottom, there are the "Fill-In" scenes, which are basically short self-dialogue scenes in the scene navigation screen that occur when there are no scenes to choose from at that time.

Since it is difficult to say exactly which day an automatic scene occurs and the time of day it appears on (it can vary), I will simply put the day I found it on as an approximate time frame. However, the scenes follow each other in successive order in each route, so you can simply look for the next Auto-scene after the last one you've finished, based on the route.

Multi-Route Scenes:

(Intro-2), A meeting with the women of the student council and Kallen's new job (Appears after completing the Geass route): Morning (朝), Day 1 (Length: 1 time period), Choice: Triangle, X 

(Note: This scene can only be reached once you finish the Geass Route and then start over from there.)

(ScAutomatic-18) Mixed feelings on a friend turned enemy and Kallen's resolution (Geass and Black Knights Routes)After 1st Midday (昼), Day 19 (Length: 1 time period)

Fill In Scenes (Scene Selection Screen):

(ScAutomatic-Scene Selec-01) The cat's meow (Length: 1 time period)

(ScAutomatic-Scene Selec-02) A lost wallet (Length: 1 time period)

(ScAutomatic-Scene Selec-03) A bit tired (Length: 1 time period)

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