Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Entrance Hall Scenes エントランスホール)

This page contains all the currently translated scenes in the Entrance Hall (エントランスホール) location. It is divided in by which characters appear in a scene (different scenes with the same characters will be put under the same heading, but will still be differentiated). Each scene will have the times during the day when it appears and which Days it is available. (Warning: because a scene can happen on multiple Days and it is difficult to keep track of how many, I will only put a rough time frame for which Days.)


(ScAsh-クラブハウス {エントランスホール}-Mi-01): Evening (夕), Day 1 (Length: 1 time period)


(ScAsh-クラブハウス {エントランスホール}-Shi-01): Evening (夕), Days 6 and onwards (Length: 1 time period), (First found on Day 6)


(ScAsh-クラブハウス {エントランスホール}-CC-01): Either 1st or 2nd Midday (昼), Days 1 and onwards, (Length: 1 time period), (First found on Day 4)

(ScAsh-クラブハウス {エントランスホール}-CC-02): Evening (夕) and Night (夜), or just Night (夜)Days 6 and onwards (Length: 1 or 2 time periods, depending), (First found on Day 9), Choice 1: Triangle, X, and Choice 2: Triangle, X

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