Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation


The following is a basic translation of the Configuration option which appears on the Start Menu (and Option Menu).

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass: Lost Colors, Code Geass, or any of the characters or scenes within them.


  • オートセブ (Autosave) ON  OFF
  • システムデータロード (System Data Load) OK  CANCEL



  • 表示スピード (Indicated speed) Slow **** FAST
  • スキップ (Skip) ON  OFF
  • オートメッセージ (Automatic message) ON  OFF



  • BGM ボリューム (Background Music Volume) MIN **** MAX
  • ボイスボリューム (Voice Vol) MIN **** MAX
  • 効果音ボリューム (Sound Effect Vol) MIN **** MAX



  • ウインドウカラー (Window Color) Light **** Dark



  • 初期状態に戻す (Reset to Initial Condition) OK  CANCEL



  • Autosave: This feature allows you to automatically save everytime you finish a scene. However, this is not the same thing as saving in one of the Data Slots. Basically, it allows you return to the last place autosave was used by pressing "Continue"
     in the "Load" option in either the Start Menu or the Option Menu. If the autosave is left on, it will save everytime you finish a scene; you have to turn it off in order to prevent from saving every single time.
  • System Data Load: Unknown function (Recommend leaving off)
  • Indicated Speed: How fast the text loads itself.
  • Skip: Unknown function (Recommend leaving off)
  • Automatic message: Unknown function (Recommend leaving off)
  • Background Music Volume: The volume of the background music.
  • Voice Volume: The volume of the character voices.
  • Sound Effect Volume: The volume of the sound effects.
  • Window Color: This determines how dark or see-through the text boxes are.
  • Reset to Initial Condition: Unknown function (Recommend leaving off)

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