Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

Ending Scenes: Geass Route

This page lists the end scenes for the Geass Route in the game. Nearly all scenes here are automatic, each one designated Scene-01 and onwards in order. On this page, each scene is listed by which day into the end sequence for the Route.

In this route, the ending is pretty straightforward with very little variation, except that there are three different people you can end up with (though not romantically, in this case): C.C., Nunnally, and Lelouch. The difference in these three endings is the final scene for them, which will be shown at the end of this page . The rest of the scene sequence is the same for all three.


  • The end sequence for this route begins at about Day 19, 20 or 21 into the game, and continues for three days, ending either on either Day 21, 22 or 23.
  • It takes about three days to complete the end sequence.
  • On the third day into the end sequence, after the seventh automatic scene, you are able to choose scenes freely in Ashford and Tokyo for the two midday scenes, after which you return to an automatic scene. (These scenes will be shown on their designated location page, as well as here. Note that these scenes can only be found in the Geass Route Ending.)

1st Day:

Scene-01 (With Knightmare Battle):


2nd Day:

Scene-03 (Choices: Dead End unless you choose X on all choices):




3rd Day:


Scene-08 and 09 (Midday Scenes of choice):



Final Scene:

Nunnally Ending:

C.C. Ending:

Lelouch Ending:

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