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Ending Scenes: Black Knights Route

This page lists the end scenes for the Black Route in the game. Each one is designated Scene-01 and onwards in order, but many of the scenes are not automatic, and only say that they are part of the BK End. On this page, each scene is listed by which day into the end sequence for the Route.

In this route, the ending is a bit complicated, as while there are only three endings, the content of some of the scenes will change depending of which of the three characters you have grown the best relationship with.

The three endings occur after the SAZ, and there are three people you can end with (though not necessarily romantically involved): Kallen, Zero/Lelouch, and Diethard. The Kallen and Zero endings seem to be attainable in either the Battle Commander or Strategic Advisor paths, but the Diethard ending seems to be limited to the SA path only.

There are also two "bad endings" in this route: one is the ending where you Geass Suzaku after the festival and end up put back to sleep by Lelouch, and another is where you go on a trip to some hot springs with the Black Knights after Narita and end up using your Geass by mistake. The "Geass Suzaku" Dead End is on this page, but the "Hot Springs" Dead End is on another page, which you can go to from this link:


  • The end sequence for this route begins at about Day 19, 20 or 21 into the game, and continues for at least five or six days.
  • On the fourth day into the end sequence, after the fifth automatic scene, you are able to choose scenes freely in Ashford and Tokyo for much of the following days, interspersed with the ending's auto-scenes. (These scenes will be shown on their designated location page, as well as here.)
  • Also, some of these scenes do not necessarily occur only in the BK End, but for the time being will be assumed as such, until it is confirmed one way or the other.
  • Also, by the 4th scene, the game's ending will have already been determined, depending on which version of the scene appears on the screen.

1st Day:

Scene-01 (With Knightmare Battle):

2nd Day:

Scene-02 (Choice):


3rd Day:

Scene-04 (Kallen Version):

(Note: This version appears if you are heading to the Kallen ending.)

Scene-04 (Zero Version):

(Note: This version appears if you are heading to the Zero or Diethard endings.)

4th Day:


Scenes 06-09:

(Note: At the Black Knights' Hideout scenes, new scenes that appear in the 2nd midday after choosing a scene in the 1st midday are scenes from right before the BK End began, which were never chosen. As such, they will not be listed here. Also, for the Mount Fuji scenes, which each last 2 time periods, they effectively count as two scenes each.)

1st and 2nd Midday




5th Day:


1st Choice Screen

2nd Choice Screen

(Note: Choosing the Triangle option here will allow you to continue on to the SAZ scene and the BK ending. Choosing X, however, will lead to a short series of auto-scenes which result in a dead end.)

Geass Suzaku-Dead End: 

(Note: The following two scenes only appear if you have chosen the X option in the 2nd choice screen on the previous scene. This is a Dead End, so you must go back and choose the Triangle option instead if you want a proper ending. The scenes below these two show what follows when you choose Triangle instead.)


(Note: The following scenes only appear if you have chosen the Triangle option in the 2nd choice screen on the previous scene.

Also, with the exception of the Kallen Lounge scene, the previous BK hideout scenes from Day 4 return here if they haven't been chosen already. As such, they will not be added to this list below, and only new scenes will be listed here, including the Hideout scenes that appear after their corresponding previous scene has been chosen on the night before.)


6th Day (Final):



Scene-13 (Version A):

(The following scene only appears before the Zero and Diethard ending.)

Scene-13 (Version B):

(The following scene only appears before the Kallen ending.)

Final Scene:

Kallen Ending:

Zero Ending:

Lelouch Ending).doc Lelouch Ending).doc
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Diethard Ending:

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