Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation

An online translation of Code Geass: Lost Colors

This site is part of an ongoing project done to translate into English the Japanese PSP game Code Geass: Lost Colors. Here, I will be posting documents containing translations that the members of this project have worked on, as well as info on the game itself. However, please do not misunderstand; this site's content is not meant to be seen as an official translation. Everything done in this project is done in the spare time of its members, so I'll let you decide if the content that's put here is good or not. Also, if anyone finds an error in the translations or even comes up with a better translation, please tell me. Also, be warned that there will be changes to this site's content, since the translations may be corrected or modified periodically.

The active members of this project are:

  • Eternal Dreamer (ED) (that's me: I started this project and run this site.)
  • ChaosHelix

Also, most of the screenshots on this site were provided by Yamiro, who has been generous enough to send me screenshots of the gameplay.

I'll welcome anyone who wants to join in on this project, but please be aware that the decision to post anything you come up with is mine. For those wishing to discuss the translations, please go to the discussion thread on Animesuki for this project: In any case, if anyone has any questions to ask me, you can contact me at my email address,

That's all for now. I hope that you find this site useful to you.

Eternal Dreamer

P.S. For those interested in seeing the original Japanese writing, please follow the following procedure to view Japanese characters on your computer (this was copied off the site,

 For Internet Explorer:

            1. Go to "View", and then "Encoding",

            2. Select "Japanese (Auto Select)"

 For Netscape or Firefox:

            1. Go to "View", and then "Character Encoding",

            2. Select "Auto-Detect", and then "Japanese"


This is a warning for anyone interested in the "shonen-ai" coughcoughyaoicoughcough endings. I will absolutely not be translating any of those, no matter how much anyone might ask me. I cannot stand those kind of things, so I will not be entering into any part of this game that contains those things as I play it. I will, however, let anyone summit their own translation of those sections (including the other members of the project): I'm not so narrow-minded and prejudice as to completely exclude it from this site.  So for all yaoi fans out there, remember this: "If you want it, work for it!!!"

How to type Japanese on your computer:

Go to and follow the procedure to download Microsoft Global IME. It will explain the rest.

For Mac users, I believe that it's pretty much automatic.

List of sites used for translation: 


Kanji Dictionary and search finder:


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